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This web site or any of the links from it are not intended as a replacement for medical care.  To this end we are unable to offer any information regarding specific medical conditions/diagnosis.  Every effort has been made to make sure the info on this site is accurate CHORLEYS ANGELS can’t accept liability for any of the information supplied by the links on this site.  Chorleys Angels is not a charity, neither is it able to offer monetary assistance for visitors suffering financial hardship as a result of their diagnosis.

 June, 2006 -General site update.  Amended links. Added new information

September, 2005 - General site update. Change of layout Amended links. Added new information

2nd June, 2004 - General site update.  Amended links. Added new information.

3rd March, 2004 - General site update. Amended links.

10th August, 2003 - General Up date to the site, changes to More Information section.

8th July, 2003 - General Up date to the site.

5th March, 2003 - General tidy up of site, added new links etc.,

28th January, 2003 - General tidy up of site.

25th November, 2002 - Site Dedication, Christmas Wishes & Chorleys Angels Poll added, Total added for this years team entry in the Race for Life.

11th November, 2002 - General tidy up of site. Discussion forum removed see alternative arrangements.

25th October, 2002 - General tidy up of site addition of new link to Young Angels.  Adding fundraising information.

19th September, 2002 - Links to Pink removed, Tribute to Carene Young “Young Angels” added, news on the new discussion forum, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

23rd July, 2002 - Monthly Feature Update, New Useful Links added, For your Info! page added highlighting forthcoming events, dates for your diary, info to take note of. Race for Life Update and Fundraising Update. New Words of Hope and Book Reviews, new topics added to discussion forum.

31st May, 2002 - Monthly Feature Updated, new links added, Race for Life update.

25th April, 2002 - Monthly Feature updated, new links added, additional words of hope.

4th April, 2002 - Guidelines added to Can U Help Section, Privacy Statement updated to include support.

28th March, 2002 - Changed overall layout of site, improved navigation, added pass-it-on icon for visitors to the site to pass-it-on to other women, and visitors poll.

6th March, 2002 - Improved links on Archives.

1st March, 2002 - Monthly Feature added, Google Search added, general tidy up of site

13th February, 2002 - General tidy up of site, updating links.

1st February, 2002 - Fundraising Update and changes to links on first page.

15th January, 2002 - Added information on the For-Us support group, privacy statement added, added Chatroom on Useful links.

10th January, 2002 - Link to Vine House Web Site added, Link to FOR-US support group for women with Secondary Breast Cancer.

3rd January, 2002 - Amended links to monthly feature section.

1st January, 2002 - Updated with latest fundraising information, new monthly feature and Harmonious Healthcare fundraising event.

20th December, 2001 - Updated with latest information on the merger between ICRF & The Cancer Research Campaign.

13th December, 2001 - Addition of Race for Life 2002 Article.

12th December, 2001 - Addition of Monthly Feature, Christmas Greetings and Coming Soon Updated.

3rd December, 2001 - New Monthly feature added, including archive of past features.  Christmas Greetings, gift ideas and Coming Soon updated.

21st November, 2001 - Link to E-Cards Added(found on every page), Additional Fundraising Totals Added.

15th November, 2001, Additional Fundraising Totals Added, Site Help added, Smile! page added

10th November, 2001 - Addition of first article in Monthly Feature section of the web site. More information on the Harmonious Healthcare Fundraising Weekend. Information on Hair Loss added to the Chemotherapy page.

6th November, 2001 - Fundraising update added.

4th November, 2001 - Addition of link to

31st October, 2001 - Addition of new fundraising event, Words of Hope Section added (still under construction), Lymphoedema links added.

26th October, 2001 - New balance for Fundraising, Addition of more ideas added new links.

21st October, 2001 - New balance for Fundraising, Addition of more ideas added new links.

17th October, 2001 - Additional fundraising event added.

15th October, 2001 - Fundraising section updated, At a glance added on home page.

6th October, 2001 - New Useful links added, patient and net doctor also additional fundraising images added.

5th October, 2001 - New navigation buttons added, help information added on the Guest Book and Discussion Forum fields.

4th October, 2001 - Added details to fundraising section - Quiz Night and added more useful links.

3rd October, 2001 - Updated Fundraising section, added poster for Pink Ribbon Charity Ball, Updated Discussion Forum

30th September, 2001 - Added updated fundraising information, and information on “surviving” surgery and treatment.

25th September, 2001 - Added additional links to Useful Links page also added a Discussion Page, which includes a Discussion Forum..

24th September, 2001 - Added Site Search Engine

23rd September, 2001 - Improved Navigation added additional pages.

21st September, 2001 - Amended Chemo Angels link, added new links, news in brief, improved navigation.

20th September, 2001 - Standardised Links, added latest balance for fund raising.

10th September, 2001 - Chorleys Web Site Established.