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Radiotherapy Tips

This web site or any of the links from it are not intended as a replacement for medical care.  To this end we are unable to offer any information regarding specific medical conditions/diagnosis.  Every effort has been made to make sure the info on this site is accurate CHORLEYS ANGELS canít accept liability for any of the information supplied by the links on this site.  Chorleys Angels is not a charity, neither is it able to offer monetary assistance for visitors suffering financial hardship as a result of their diagnosis.

The following tips/advice may help you during and after your radiotherapy.  Please note no two people or treatment are alike and as a result of this side effects can vary greatly person to person. All opinions expressed are my own, based on personal experience unless otherwise stated - please disregard the notes that do not apply to you. None of the points listed are meant as a replacement to Medical Care.  Please check with your Breast Care Nurse or Consultant prior to using any of the advice on this site.

Please note treatments may have changed since these tips were written

  If you would like to add to these points please contact CHORLEYS ANGELS

- Try and have your appointments set for the same time everyday so that you can get in a routine, this will help if and when you return to work

-Take a magazine or book with you

-Try to wear cotton tops and soft bras or cropped tops to avoid any irritation

-Only use products recommended by the hospital to avoid reaction to treatment or skin irritation.  I used Aloe Vera 99% Certified (before and after treatment) also E45 cream, simple soap and found all to be very effective in reducing redness in the area being treated.

-Enquire if your hospital offers free parking and a pass so that you donít have to worry about finding a parking spot!

-Try not to compare yourself with other patients no two cases are alike

-Contact CancerBACUP for literature associated with your treatment, it may guide you to ask questions about the radiotherapy & recovery etc.,

-Take plenty of rest

-When you have finished Radiotherapy you expect to be elated at completing your treatment however, some women have experienced a low point, because they feel like their safety net has been removed - donít be afraid to talk about your feelings with people